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Kids & Teens

Dance is more than just a hobby at Arthur Murray Dance Club - it's a journey! Our expert instructors and welcoming community help kids develop confidence, coordination, and social skills through the joy of ballroom dance. From the first steps to the final spin, your child will love every moment of their dance journey with us!

"Unleash your child's full potential on the dance floor with Arthur Murray Dance Club!"

The Arthur Murray Dance Club is a great place for kids and teens to learn ballroom dancing. At Arthur Murray, students can learn a variety of ballroom dances, including the waltz, foxtrot, cha cha, and salsa. The experienced instructors at Arthur Murray are dedicated to helping each student develop their coordination, social skills, and self-confidence through dance.

Classes at Arthur Murray start with the basics of footwork and movement, and then progress to more complex steps and patterns as the dancer's skills improve. This structure allows students to build a strong foundation in ballroom dancing and improve at their own pace.

In addition to learning how to dance, kids and teens at Arthur Murray may also have the opportunity to participate in dance performance and competition. This can be a fun and rewarding way for students to showcase their skills and potentially earn recognition for their hard work. Overall, the Arthur Murray Dance Club is a wonderful choice for anyone looking to learn ballroom dancing and have fun in the process.

“Feel welcomed and had a great intro lesson with instructor.My daughter fell in love with ballroom teacher who was absolutely elegant, patient and professional."

Ksenia Lowenfens

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